What Time Does Popeyes Open and Close

Popeyes Hours:

Popeyes is a great breakfast place. They are mainly specializing in fried chicken. So, if you want to compete for your breakfast at Popeyes, then you should about the Popeyes Hours. If you are not a regular customer at Popeyes, then this is a great opportunity for you to experiment and experience the delicious Popeyes Breakfast.

Popeyes that the fixed time for breakfast. So, you must have an idea about the What Time Does Popeyes Open and What Time Does Popeyes Close. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to eat the Popeyes restaurant, then you must know about Popeyes Hours.

What Time Does Popeyes Open:

Popeyes works 7 days a week to provide you the delicious foods. The timing of the restaurant stays the same no matter what. So, if you want to know, What Time Does Popeyes Open, then you have to check this list below:

Monday: 10:00 AM (Morning)

Tuesday: 10:00 AM (Morning)

Wednesday: 10:00 AM (Morning)

Thursday: 10:00 AM (Morning)

Friday: 10:00 AM (Morning)

Saturday: 10:00 AM (Morning)

Sunday: 10:00 AM (Morning)

For the everyday breakfast timing in the morning, you can follow the above schedule.


popeyes menu with prices


What Time Does Popeyes Close:

If you know about the opening time of Popeyes, then you should know about the What Time Does Popeyes Close. Almost every Popeyes restaurant follows the same closing hours. if you don’t know about the closing hours, follow the lists below:

Monday: 11:00 PM (Night)

Tuesday: 11:00 PM (Night)

Wednesday: 11:00 PM (Night)

Thursday: 11:00 PM (Night)

Friday: 11:00 PM (Night)

Saturday: 11:00 PM (Night)

Sunday: 11:00 PM (Night)

If you visit the Popeyes after the closing hours, then you might have to disappoint. But still, we suggest you confirm the Popeyes closing hours from the hotel over the phone or check if their website has the information about the store timing.




What Time Does Popeyes Close on Sunday:

If you are planning to visit Popeyes on Sunday, then you must know What Time Popeyes closed on Sunday. Almost all the restaurants stay open every weekday, even on Sundays. So, on Sunday, then remain open till 11:00 PM night time. Also, the opening time is the same as the rest of the days. Popeyes opens at 10:00 AM. So, you can visit the restaurant right after 10:00 AM to enjoy the food, especially breakfast.

When Does Popeyes Close on Holidays?

If you want to visit the restaurant during the holidays to enjoy a delicious breakfast, then you must aware of the timing and what time they close. Generally, people do not know When Popeyes Close on Holidays. Because peoples stay quite busy during those days and nobody plans to eat outside. But, if you want to know When Does Popeyes Close on holidays, then this list will be helpful for you.

Popeyes Breakfast and food are available during these holidays:







NewYear’s Day

NewYear’s Eve

There are only two holidays when Popeyes doesn’t serve food:


Easter Sunday


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Popeyes Chicken Hours – Opening & Closing Hours:

If you are a chicken lover and don’t want to miss the chicken of Popeyes then you must keep in mind the timing given below,

Monday: 10:30 AM (Morning) to 11:00 PM (Night)

Tuesday: 10:30 AM (Morning) to 11:00 PM (Night)

Wednesday: 10:30 AM (Morning) to 11:00 PM (Night)

Thursday: 10:30 AM (Morning) to 11:00 PM (Night)

Friday: 10:30 AM (Morning) to 11:00 PM (Night)

Saturday: 10:30 AM (Morning) to 11:00 PM (Night)

Sunday: 10:30 AM (Morning) to 11:00 PM (Night)


popeyes chicken hours


What is Popeyes:

If you love the chicken recipes, then there is no better place than the Popeyes. So, find out your nearest Popeyes locations and enjoy the delicious food items there. It was established in 1972. Popeyes was established as the Chicken and Biscuit shop but letter became the single name. It was formed by Al Copeland in New Orleans, but now it is located in Miami. Across the 46 US states, you will get around 3461 Popeyes restaurants.

Popeyes Contact Info:

For more queries about the Popeyes, you can contact them by email at www.popeyes.com/support/form.


So, the above-mentioned details might be enough to know about the Popeyes Opening & Closing Hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Popeyes Open on Thanksgiving?

Yes, Popeyes is open during Thanksgiving.

  • How to find Popeyes Near Me?

To find out your nearest Popeyes locations, you have to visit this link www.popeyes.com/store-locator. There, you have to use your address on the given field to find out your nearest Popeyes locations.



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