Apply for Payoff Loan with Pre-Approved Code :

Payoff personal loan is a good option if you have good to excellent credit. If you are eager to pay off high-interest credit card debt, then you can apply for the Payoff personal loan. They provide the completive APRs, which including the origination fee, and do not charge any other hidden fees. They offer proactive customer support during the first year of the loan. Another best thing about the Payoff loan is that the applicants can check what rates they are qualify for without affecting their credit score.

Benefits of Payoff Loan :

These are the following benefits that Payoff personal loan offers:

  • Payoff provides lower rates than most credit cards in the market and offers customizable loan terms.
  • Payoff personal loans offer a single, fixed, and affordable monthly payment to simplify your lift.
  • After paying your credit score will increase your credit score up to 40+.
  • The application process is fast and you can easily check out your rate online.
  • This loan is mainly designed to help you to eliminate high-interest credit card debt.

Apply for Payoff Personal Loan with Invitation Code :

Before start applying for the Payoff Personal Loan, you must have to check your interest rate. You can easily start the process with your invitation code. You have to follow these simple steps below to start the process:

  • Firstly, you need to click on this link
  • Once you click on the above-mentioned link, you will be redirected to the official website of Payoff.
  • Then, on the required field, you just need to input your invitation code.

payoff personal loan apply

  • After that, you have to click on the Check my Rate option to proceed further.

Apply for Payoff Loan without Invitation Code :

If you have not received any invitation code, then still you can apply for the Payoff Personal Loan. To apply for the loan, you just need to follow these simple steps below:

  • Firstly, you need to click on this link, for direct access to the website.
  • There, on the homepage, you need to click on the Check My Rate option.
  • You have to input your legal first name and last name of the required field.
  • Then, provide further by clicking on the Continue button.
  • On the next page, you have to provide your date of birth and click on the Continue button.
  • After that, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions to check your loan rates.

Payoff Personal Loan Rates and Fees :

The interest rates of the Payoff loan start from 5.99% and goes up to 24.99%. It is the lowest interest rate available in the market and the maximum is higher than what some other lenders offer but still affordable. Some of the completive lenders charge up to 36%.

There is an origination fee of 0% to 5% that comes with the Payoff Personal Loan. Your origination fee will be deducted from the amount your get at the beginning. For example, if you get approved for $5,000, then you have to pay 2% for the origination fee. Then you will receive a total of $4,900 at the start. The origination fees are depending on the same factor which decides your rates of interest.

There are no hidden fees in Payoff Personal loan. You don’t have to pay any late payment fees and paying off your loan ahead of schedule. But, if you late for making the payment, that might damage your credit score. With the Payoff loan, you can borrow from $5,000 to $40,000. They provide a pliantly off time to pay off your loan.

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How to Login at Payoff Loan Account :

In order to manage your Payoff loan, you have to log in to your account. With your registered username and password, you can easily access the Payoff Loan account. You have to follow these simple steps to access the loan account:

  • Firstly, you need to click on this link
  • Then, from the right-hand corner of the page, you need to select the Log In button.
  • You have to input your registered email address and password on the required fields.
  • After entering your loan credentials, you have to click on the login button.
  • If your provided login credentials are right, then you will be logged in to your Payoff loan account.

Pros and Cons of Payoff Loan


  • The lowest APR is 5.99%
  • Loans as high as $40,000
  • No prepayment fees
  • No late payment fees
  • The credit requirement is 640


  • Only for credit card debt consolidation
  • Higher APR is 24.99%
  • Not available without 24.99%
  • No joint applications
  • An origination fee of 0% to 5%

Payoff Contact Info :

If you have any queries about the Payoff Person Loan, then you can contact the customer service department:

Call At: 1-800-878-0901

Service Hours:

Mon-Fri: 6am-6pm (PST)

Sat-Sun: 6am-3pm (PST)

Email At:


1700 Flight Way
Tustin, CA 92782

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